Projects Completed 2005 - 2009

Village of the Sun – Removal of approximately 8,000 S.F. of Transite siding from the exterior of each of ten multi-unit apartment buildings during exterior renovations, without interruption to the residents occupying the apartments. The project was completed successfully through the winter and summer months on 9/30/05.

1400 Lake Shore Dr. – Removal of asbestos containing thermal system insulation from the boiler room and various locations in the high rise residential building during condominium conversion construction. The project was completed successfully on 3/02/06 without interruption to residents still occupying adjacent floors.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Egan Casework – Removal of asbestos containing plumbing fittings and lab tops during water filtration plant lab renovations. The project was completed successfully on 7/07/07 without interruption to lab operations.

3950 N. Lake Shore Drive – Removal of TSI steam loop from the attic above occupied floors of five high rise buildings, and removal of risers and floor tile/mastic from hundreds of trash chute rooms and chases throughout. The project was successfully completed on 5/02/08 without interruption or complaints from occupants directly adjacent to all work areas.

2 N. Riverside Plaza – Removal of 19,000 S.F. of floor tile and mastic from the 15th floor tenant space to facilitate renovation for new tenant. The project was successfully completed on 7/28/08 without interruption to business being conducted on other floor.

Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Building 11 – Removal of Thermal system insulation from Great Lakes Naval Training Center’s main boiler house de-aerator area. The project was completed successfully and on time without incident despite extremely cold weather and steam piping at full pressure during the entire prep and removal process.

Chicago Public Schools, Palmer Elementary School – Removal of asbestos containing thermal system insulation from the boiler room and the heat tunnels to facilitate mechanical up-grades in the summer of ’09. The project was completed successfully on 4/20/09 without interruption to ongoing classes.

Projects Completed 2009-Present

Forest Preserve District of Cook County Headquarters – Removal of asbestos containing floor tile and mastic from throughout the common areas of the building using Friable and non-friable methods while keeping the facility open and fully operational. The work included all stairways, landings, and foyers among other work areas. The project was successfully completed on 11/15/10 without disrupting the district operations.

North Park Village – Removal of 5000 linear feet of steam piping from tunnels throughout the facility and the boiler room including TSI from the exterior jacket of three two story boilers in the steam plant. The project included steel demolition to access TSI on boilers, and was successfully completed in June of 2011. The buildings supplied by the tunnels remained occupied with elderly residents and City of Chicago staff without interruption.

Chicago Public Schools, Jefferson Elementary School – Selective demolition from the interior and exterior of the building to facilitate ADA additions throughout. AES worked to complete the work including demo of lead based painted surfaces. The project was  successfully completed on 7/12/11, at a very aggressive schedule to allow for completion of a new accessible restrooms on all floors, ramp installations, and elevator installations.

Torrence Avenue Bridge – Demolition and disposal of lead based painted electrical piping and Transite switch gear boards from control rooms and exterior of the vertical lift bridge. We completed the project successfully as of 5/21/12.

Delnor Hospital Sterile Processing – Interior demolition of 5000 S.F. of offices and exam rooms adjacent to intensive care and surgery wings without disruption to ongoing hospital operations. The work was completed successfully and on time.

Dan Ryan Track Renewal – Removal and disposal of over 1400 Tons of Asbestos Electrical Duct Bank that supplied the old CTA Train Line. AES, Inc. completed the work in June 2013 as the first contractor on site during a high profile, five month shut down of the ten mile section of track. The project was successfully completed on time, keeping the general contractor on schedule.